Hospitality POS – Boost Sales with a Powerful POS Solution

Be more hospitable with a powerful hospitality point of sale system from Advanced Systems.
Advanced Systems  is the area’s #1 point of sale vendor. We offer end-to-end solutions that promote increased accuracy and efficiency. We are happy to design, implement, and support one of our easy-to-use solutions to improve your restaurant or bar. Advanced Systems has exactly the Point of Sale solutions you need to streamline your business.

People today are busier than ever, so when they spend their money socially, the speed and efficiency of the service they receive is more important than ever. With a dedicated and customizable point of sale system from Advanced Systems, your restaurant and bar service will hasten, your staff’s accuracy will improve, and it will go a long way toward boosting your bar or restaurant’s profitability.

A Faster, More Reliable Worker Experience
A point of sale system from Advanced Systems vastly improves service.
By integrating a POS system into your restaurant or bar, or upgrading to one of our custom systems, you will be able to improve the speed and accuracy of your service. In hospitality, the more orders you can handle, the more people you can serve, the more money you can make. It’s that simple. Advanced Systems wants you to deploy a powerful POS system to accelerate order-to-table times, serve more patrons, and gain a substantial boost to repeat business.

Advanced Systems Provides More Options
We offer many exciting options that allow you to expand your customer’s satisfaction.
At Advanced Systems, we know the more options you give to your customers the better your offering is. With our hospitality Point of Sale systems there are several additional options that your restaurant or bar can take advantage of to increase customer satisfaction. These include:

Table service
Service mapping
Bar tabs
Online ordering
Gift cards
Digital signage
Labor scheduling and time management
Customer loyalty programs
Payroll and general ledger accounting systems interfaces
And more…
To get your customers to keep coming back for more, presenting them with convenience is important.
Advanced Systems offers a full range of POS products including hardware, software, POS design and installation, and of course, the support to ensure that your organization’s POS system works the way you need it to. For more information about our hospitality point of sale services, don’t hesitate to call us today at 801-555-1212.